The History of Facel Vega: A Look at the French Luxury Car Maker

Facel Vega was a French luxury car manufacturer that was in operation from 1954 to 1964. The company was founded by Jean Daninos, who had previously worked for his family’s coachbuilding business.

The Early Years

In the early 1950s, Daninos began designing a luxury car that would be a blend of French elegance and American power. The car was named after the FAcurel et CLemont (FACEL) metal stamping company that Daninos had taken over, and the Vega star that he admired.

The first Facel Vega, the FV, was launched in 1954. It was powered by a Chrysler V8 engine and featured a stylish body designed by Italian coachbuilder Pinin Farina. The FV was a success, and it was followed by a series of other models, including the HK500 and the Excellence.

Facel Vega’s Unique Selling Proposition

Facel Vega’s unique selling proposition was its combination of American V8 power and European luxury. The company’s cars were known for their powerful engines, refined handling, and luxurious interiors. They were also expensive, which made them exclusive and highly desirable.

Facel Vega’s cars were sold to a select clientele, including royalty, politicians, and celebrities. The company’s cars were also used in films and television shows, which helped to increase their visibility and desirability.

The End of Facel Vega

In the early 1960s, Facel Vega began to experience financial difficulties. The company had never been profitable, and its high costs and low production volumes made it difficult to compete with larger manufacturers. In 1964, Facel Vega ceased production, and Jean Daninos left the company.

Today, Facel Vega cars are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. They are prized for their unique combination of American power and European luxury, as well as their distinctive styling and exclusivity.


Facel Vega was a French luxury car manufacturer that was known for its powerful engines, luxurious interiors, and exclusive clientele. The company’s cars were a unique blend of American power and European luxury, and they are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts today.



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