What Are The Benefits Of A Parking Stopper?

The Monster rubber parking stops we provide are built to defend parking structures, as well as automobiles and pedestrians. They are crafted using high-quality recycled rubber in the manufacturing process. The advantages of using rubber parking stops are many, particularly when compared to the alternatives that include concrete. Take a look at the following list, which outlines the top five advantages of using rubber parking stops:

1. Sustainable And Kind To The Environment

The recycled rubber that goes into making our parking stops comes from many places. When it arrives at our facility, it has already been crushed into its raw form. From this raw material, we manufacture not just our Monster parking stops but a variety of additional rubber parking lot solutions. Every month, on average, we recycle one million pounds of rubber, equivalent to forty-five thousand and five hundred tires for passenger vehicles. Buying recycled rubber items like our parking stop is a fantastic way to demonstrate that you share our dedication to preserving the natural world, which is why we encourage everyone who shares our values to do so.

2. Adaptability To Change

Every parking lot would be smooth and level if we lived in an ideal world. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect environment, and as a result, bumps, cracks, and other forms of damage may often give surfaces an uneven appearance. The fantastic feature of parking stopper is that their structure, comprised of flexible rubber, enables them to conform to the surface on which they are put. There is no need to worry if you put them on a surface that isn’t precisely level since they will still perform their duty and look fantastic even if the surface isn’t absolutely level. Concrete parking stops may be less costly, but they are also solid and do not have any flex to them, making it more difficult to install them and making them more likely to be damaged.

3. Appealing To The Senses Of Beauty

If you want to use parking stops made of concrete, the only option to give them any color other than grey is to paint them. Not only is this a procedure that consumes a lot of time and makes a mess. Monster parking stops are produced using colored rubber, which ensures that they will never lose their color and will always make your property appear as good as possible.

4. Simple To Put In Place

The length of our parking stop, which is the most expansive, is six feet, yet it only weighs 34 pounds. In contrast to concrete parking stops, which may weigh several hundred pounds each, our products are simple to place and straightforward to set up, even with just one person. This results in a significant reduction in installation costs since it is not required to use any extra equipment. Work teams may significantly reduce size while still achieving the desired outcome.

5. Durability

Concrete parking stops are prone to chipping and cracking, but our rubber goods will not suffer. Additionally, reflective tape is molded into every one of our rubber parking stops, making it an integral part of the product. The endurance of rubber parking stops to variations in temperature and the weather is an additional advantage over their concrete counterparts, which do not provide this feature.



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